Hello, walls….

After at least seven years with various personal blogs on LiveJournal and such, I’ve decided to implement a public blog focusing, however irreverently, on themes that are important to me professionally. So, this being the first post, I’m going to explain what this blog is and what it’s about.

I’d considered naming it something like L’urbaniste agoniste or some such pretentiously French thing, but I don’t actually speak French. I learned some German in high school, which I must admit has not been particularly useful to me despite visits to Germany and having German relatives. For the most part, the German language is both highly agglutinative and somewhat arbitrary, with elements that require an instinctive understanding of inference. While this necessary Sprachsgefühl is often somewhat lost on me, it struck me that the properties of quality urban places are similarly emergent and, for many people, equally difficult to put into words.

So rather than grasping for le mot juste in a language I don’t really understand, I made a neologism in a language that I, um, kind of understand. Anyway, you should probably expect more of this.


~ by J.D. Hammond on July 27, 2009.

One Response to “Hello, walls….”

  1. Welcome! Enjoying the blog quite a lot.

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