And Now A Moment For Me: Gii All Up In Wii?

I don’t want to be one of those people that says “Oh no my neighborhood is cool” and complains about the cool noise in a cool neighborhood, but I didn’t move to Howard Village because it was cool. Yet the sub shop just up the hill was unexpectedly converted into a lounge over the summer, and despite protestations over the liquor license, it not only looks set to open, but appears to have made a local hot list.

I’ll note that Thrillist consistently misspells “G II” in this article. Apparently the Lounge Formerly Known As Blimpie is going to be serving Ethiopian food when it’s not serving horrible lighting, and their big selling point is that Diddy lived in the loft when he was studying at Howard. And they still don’t have a liquor license yet (knock on wood).

To be honest, it looks fairly well-appointed, but if we end up moving out of the neighborhood I’m still going to be a little relieved. All I wanted was a sandwich – and maybe some decent retail or amenities, if Howard Town Center ever opens – but now my neighborhood is on a pub-crawl list. So what happens now?


~ by J.D. Hammond on October 5, 2009.

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