LOL, Jinx (or: DEW What Now?)

Erb wants a referendum on Virginia Beach LRT.

For those that don’t know – and the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot, being the Pilot, assumes we don’t – Wally Erb is essentially the Tim Eyman of Virginia Beach politics, never having held elected office (not for lack of trying) but constantly floating referenda anyway, usually in conjunction with his political allies Don Weeks and Robert Dean (sometimes referred to as DEW).

Most of the DEW referenda seek to dismantle whatever institutions VA Beach actually has. It’s actually kind of laughable, because the idea is to replace the corporatist bullshit that passes for the Beach’s political structure with pretty much nothing at all.

…Except it kind of isn’t, because if you’ll notice, he doesn’t hold the Southeastern Sprawlway up to the same standards – pure corporate welfare project though it may be.


~ by J.D. Hammond on October 8, 2009.

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