Cyborg Urbanism

The Mammoth collective just linked to a blog this morning called Quiet Babylon, which claims to be about “cyborgs, architects, and our wierd broken future”. While (obviously) technology-focused, it seems to take after Donna Haraway’s broader definition of “cyborg” as effectively anything that uses technoscientific means to augment its reality or experience.

What I already think is very interesting about this blog is that it extends that definition even further to conceive of contextualized, augmented environments that relate to people as much as people relate to them, creating a “cyborg urbanism”, as it were. As a self-described social transhumanist, cyborg-feminist and postmodern urbanist, I kind of wish I’d come up with this first.

So yah, I dig it. And you know Bruce Sterling is right: nobody really likes lanyards.


~ by J.D. Hammond on December 3, 2009.

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