The Star That Hopes To Conquer Coffee


Can you identify twenty cities based on the distribution of Starbucks locations within their city limits? (Hint: they tend to pile up wherever you find affluence and density simultaneously. I got 16/20 on my first try, which apparently qualifies as “Venti”.)

The most interesting of the foreign locations to me is Seoul:


The Starbucks of South Korea are known for having precipitously expensive offerings, and both Seoul’s northern traditional downtown and its now-infamously posh Gangnam district are thronged with them – which kind of plays into the stereotype of “Gangnam-style” new-money Koreans wanting to be seen about town with their exorbitantly pricey beverages (to the point of compensating for their expense by eating instant ramen with tofu and weenies at home for every other meal, or so goes the cliché).

I have to thank Eric Riley for the title, which is apparently a genuine translation of “Starbucks” into Mandarin.


~ by J.D. Hammond on July 24, 2013.

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