Forty Maps and Forty Lights

As usual, I’m late to the meme party, in this case with the 40 Sad Panda maps. I’ve seen a lot of these before, including the Atlas of Prejudice maps, but some are refreshing updates providing some really useful information.

My favorite of these, I think, is the population density map. People who marvel at how east Asians are “packed like sardines” seem to rarely consider how much of western Europe and the US northeast is as or more densely populated. Paris is denser than Singapore, and New Jersey, as I’ve mentioned before, is denser than metropolitan Tokyo. And the many people thronged in both North and South Korea take up about as much space as the equally many people crammed onto Great Britain.

I’m also curious to see a larger-scale map of press transparency; what I’ve seen of Reporters Without Borders’ information is much more informative and precise than the minimal gradations of the Freedom House map at the Newseum, and I’d really like to know whether, for example, they consider Israel or Palestine to be more transparent.

Other observations:

  • Most everyone knows United States has become an outlier for sticking with Imperial measurement, but a club that consists solely of Liberia, Burma, and itself? That’s the worst ever.
  • When is Hong Kong going to have its Dagen H (or 730 Day, conversely)? It’s apparently violating international law by driving on the left.

~ by J.D. Hammond on August 20, 2013.

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