“McMansion Hell” is Architectural Jargon Heaven

Everyone who loves architecture should read McMansion Hell. He occasionally drifts into the neotrad trap of putting the pictures in the wrong order, but he has a strong case for the three primary aesthetic failures of McMansions: they’re too busy, they’re cheap things pretending to be expensive things, and they fail to understand the vernacular styles they poorly mimic.

Anyway, he uses the word “McNub” for what I called a “Georgian ziggurat” – a mad, terraced roof line that’s haunted me ever since my teenage years had me drive by Pat Robertson’s CBN compound, wondering if the deal he made with a dark god had him build a Mesoamerican pyramid out of brick and cover it with cheap shingles. If I can muster up pictures, I will – that thing was galling.




~ by J.D. Hammond on September 5, 2016.

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